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Anne (aka Mama G) is a speaker, author, poet, inspirational rapper and the Chief Visionary Officer of KickA$$ Happyness. Having spent 8 years as a new entrepreneur with a desire to share unique strategies and tools to heal and transform others, it wasn’t until she began sharing her own personal story in the form of rap that the magic began to appear. This passionate form of expression empowered her to create a unique set of programs that provide a sense of community for Teens to overcome negative challenges and influences through the creative arts, so they live happier, more fulfilling lives.

With decades of experience working with Teens in a variety of settings, Anne is credited with saving many lives, including that of her own teenage daughter. As a powerful liaison between parents, community leaders, and Teens, she intends on saving a lot more lives with her natural, passion-driven, non-conventional approach.


Please contact us today to learn more about our magical masterminds, rejuvenating retreats, and compelling keynote speeches! We also welcome collaboration, joint ventures, and sponsorships for our program participants!


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Mery N. Domínguez, ED.S.

Parent Engagement Expert, Emotional Wellness Coach

"Anne Hayes is a dynamic human being with a genuine heart to serve and change the lives of teenagers. Her experience as an educator is evident as she dominates the room with her wisdom, energy and enthusiasm. Anne's creative ways are captivating to any audience. I learned this when I randomly asked Anne to share a few words at a parent training that I was hosting. Participants were mesmerized by the lyrics in her impromptu rap, all about what was being presented that day. I highly recommend Anne Hayes, AKA Mama G. If you are ready for your tough audience to experience a powerful, unique and meaningful presentation that is surely to be memorable."